The American National Union of 1774 was brought forth to present in order to help raise the State Governments and grow commerce within the States of the Union using the Continental Dollar.  The States would operate with Constitutions that are founded in social compact making them fully accountable to the people. 

Businesses currently operate within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America without restriction and taxation, unlike what is imposed by the corporations posing as all levels of government. The following points can be read in their entirety in the ANU.Constitution.

  • The ANU is built by member businesses established within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America who provide services or are industry specific to people with a bi-lateral social compact.
  • The ANU and its sub-Unions have their own officers, constitutions for their governing bodies, and bylaws.
  • The councils for the ANU and its sub-Unions work to grow and expand businesses that are human rights compliant while sharing and adopting best practice methods to grow and sustain services in all industries.

The General  power of ANU resides in its members, meeting in General Assembly, through the member Delegates. The General Assembly reserves the authority to Delegate specific duties and responsibilities to the Great Council or other ANU officers.  It shall, without limitation, have the following specific powers:

  • To generally carry out the purpose and responsibilities of ANU;
  • To elect officers and determine their duties;
  • To adopt and amend any and all policies of ANU;
  • To authorize the obligation of ANU assets and resources;
  • To support or oppose public policy as it pertains to or impacts membership;
  • To determine the time and location of ANU Annual Convention meetings; and,
  • To constitute committees for such purposes as it deems necessary.
  • To establish a business within the ANU all that is needed is a simple publication of your business entity with little cost as compared to creating a business in the world of the United States where licensing and permit fees, taxes, and submission to regulations that take the control out of your hands and places it into the hands of a third party.
  • You can create virtually an unlimited revenue stream without the intervention or taxation of third party regulators such as the IRS, city, state, federal, etc. Where only the obligations of the contract govern the parties.
  • Because the ANU adheres to the amended Articles of Association, Public Law formerly known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights LINK, and sub-Union Constitution and By-laws, it ensures that business disputes have a proper venue for fair resolution called settlement boards.
  • In essence, as a business owner within the ANU you will finally see that your revenue is reflective of the amount of labor invested. The law is designed to protect and grow your business not profit from it.

ANU officers are American Nationals elected by members to serve on the Great Council every two years.  Each elected officer swears an oath or affirms to uphold the responsibilities of their office and submits a Letter of Acceptance and Acknowledgement.  This acceptance and acknowledgement ensures that each officer is lawfully obligated to perform and eliminates corruption by holding the violators of those duties liable.

Meet Your Great Council

Chairman – William James Wright V

Deputy Chairman – Heather Ann McMahan

Treasurer – Frederick George Sikes Jr.

Secretary – Saundra Lee Scott

Office Hours:

We generally meet

Tuesdays at 5 pm (PST), 6 p.m. (MST), 7 pm (CST), 8 pm (EST) – UTC-6 on Telegram Group Click LINK Below

                                           MEETING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!


Email: [email protected]

Interested in attending our Weekly Assembly Meeting? 

  • We meet on Tuesday’s at 7 pm Central – UTC-6 on Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/2_EPBoU2shszOTIx
  • Guests are required to introduce themselves and remain quiet throughout the assembly until such time it adjourns and convenes in committee. Click the Rules of Order for assembly decorum.