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The Continental Dollar

Learn more about the original currency that was destined for the use of the American people. Use the Continental Dollar instead of the Federal Reserve Debt Note.

Your Business as a Private Membership Association

Learn why operating your Trucking-related business as Private Membership Organization (PMA) during times like COVID will set your business apart from the others.

ANTU Great Council

Our Great Council Members are Declared Residents & American Nationals with published businesses within the States of the Union. All officers serve with honor and lend over 40 years of trucking experience to the proceedings of the Sub-Union.

Sean Beller

Chairman Interim

I want to apply my 30 years of building airport runways and roads to advocate for the property rights of truckers and associated businesses.

Steven Preston Barker

Deputy Chairman Interim

My desire is to assist in the preservation and growth of commercial transportation.

Mark Fain

Treasurer Interim

In my professional capacity I assist in the brokerage of freight to ensure that truck drivers are paid fairly.

Carter Grant

Secretary Interim

I am a lifelong advocate for free and fair travel for all Americans.

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