• My Uncommon Solutions says:

      Lalji: You are invited to a weekly meeting on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm EST, 7 pm Central. Download the app. ZOOM and you can get right in. The room # is 778-307-2021. 15 mins is usually allowed at the beginning to let people gather into the room, then the meeting starts. If you have a question, use the chat room took and raise your hand there and you will be eventually recognized. We have a tremendous group of people working toward the same goal. You can also dial in during the day as you may find others there working on a project or to answer questions. This site here has been re-done and it is a work in progress to repopulate it. You can also go to https://generalpostoffice.org/nanp/ and join there to review more information. One other link to guide you is at http://governmentoftheunitedstatesofamerica.international/. Welcome and let us help you anyway we can. Respectfully, JOHN MARK ADAMS from State of South Carolina.



      If you would like to know more about the American National Union come to our weekly meeting. We convene every Tuesday at 7:15 UTC -6 or 7:15 central time in zoom room 778-307-2021. Use this link to join and type the aforementioned room number to join the meeting: https://zoom.us/

      The purpose of the American National Union is to promote the common welfare of the American People by establishing policies that support the State Residents and American Nationals of the States of the Union. The ANU is the Original Union from 1774 to Present. The link to the ANU Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Order can be found below.


      Christopher Michael Doherty – Deputy Chairman interim

    • Jason Westley Hall PMA says:

      The American National Union is there to help the States of the Union to from their National governments and help others form their own Sub-Union with the American National Union. You can participate on the zoom room calls for the fastest education on how to start your own Sub-Union.

  1. Junior Best Entertainment says:

    Hello Elizabeth

    By joining the site you have successfully joined the ANU.
    Once you have joined the site there are a list of smaller group’s and/or unions you can be apart of. Some unions are continuously under work to be created and started, while some unions are up and running. Feel free to take your time to maneuver around the site and join the unions.

  2. Frankie says:

    What an Amazing eye opener today on the monday call. Great information and on how powerful this ANU is, Yahushua said we will be restore. Thank You Jesus Christ it has become a Reality.

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