Cards and Service America

Cards and Service America
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Cards and Service America
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Private Membership Association (PMA)
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Private Attorney’s General
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Bosch router table woodworking of various cutting, router table woodworking builds for resale, Welding aluminum by wire/argon or Tig Weld, Lite CNC fabrication of AR 15 platform rifles, Military asserted lite drone and sentry use, Sublimation printing with heat press,
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Woodworking Kitchen Cabinets and base units with Kitchen top and other wood routing including crown moulding, Cards printed with Sublimation, and other sublimation printing, press and die metal, Aluminum Foundry for Weapon builds ar 15 (223, 300m black, 308), Lite CNC with Welding aluminum, steel, for lite fabrication, Bailor for The United States of America, Investigative planning to remove arrested individual(s) incarcerated by corrupt private courts

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‪86B9S MQXC9
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