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Portia Bergman Sep 27, 2021

Hi BE-autifull souls. I am a Soul Medic otherwise referred to as a Quantum biopsychophysiologists & Quantum Spiritual Energy Healing Guide & Whole Health Revolutionary…


Ascending Spiritual Healing Guides

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WE each and ALL are Created with Divine Spiritual Gifts. WE are Energetically Powerfull Spiritual BEings IN a emporary Host Body. Energy is Created to move. Spirits are Created to Move. WE are Created to co-create living breathing Communion among & FOR ALL. I simply & freely breathe life INto traumatized energetically stuck BEings, & even the dead walking, and hold space pace-antly for those learning how to utilize their own Wholly Breathe breathed beneath their newly unfolding wings. Ascending Souls are INnately magnetically finding one another. 💞 Together WE Rise, Together WE fly.

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