Declared Residents and American Nationals have a wide array of services and supports available to them.  One mandate remains clear, each member is expected to grow commerce and use the Union’s original lawful, non-inflated, and positively valued currency the Continental Dollar as the decisive move to remove our dependency on the second union’s federal reserve system.

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Our formal assembly and informal committee meetings are open to the public.  For purposes of providing an accurate record, guests signing in from unidentified devices or phone numbers will be asked to introduce themselves. Guests who fail to identify themselves when prompted will be removed from the call.

Guests do not have a recognized vote for any decisions presented during an assembly and required to remain silent until the assembly has officially concluded with attendees now in committee.

The research regarding the nature and function of the Government of The United States of America, the American National Union, and active Sub-Unions has been done for you. We encourage you to practice self-determination and learn from the T-ROH Show.

Clarifying questions not answered by the research presented on the shows should be presented when an assembly is officially concluded.   



National Assembly for the Government of The United States of America

This is the call for the Assembly for the National Government of The United States of America comprised of General Post Masters in social compact with each other. ANU members and guests are invited to learn and listen in on the call but have no vote regarding official assembly matters.

Mondays at 5 pm (PST), 7 pm (CST), 8 pm (EST) – UTC-6

Call In (929) 205-6099

Zoom room #857-232-0155


Assembly for the American National Union (ANU)

The Declared Residents and American Nationals living and engaging in business within the States of the Union meet to discuss issues affecting industry and work together to strategize on how to grow commerce using the Continental Dollar.

Tuesdays at 5 pm (PST), 7 pm (CST), 8 pm (EST) – UTC-6 

Zoom room #392-055-3944


General Post Master Council (GPMC)

As a court of law and equity, the General Post Master Council (GPMC) is dedicated to providing services to assist those individuals that have declared a nationality and that wish to fight injustice, expose violations of Human Rights, and return to the rule of law.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 5 p.m. (PST), 6 p.m. (MST), 7 p.m. (CST), 8 p.m. (EST) – UTC-6

Zoom room #405-458-0553



This call brings together General Post Masters, ANU members, and invited guests in an informal venue. Discussion topics often touch on spirituality, Geo-politics, nation-building, and other subjects of research and study.

Thursdays at 6 p.m. (PST), 7 p.m. (MST), 8 p.m. (CST), 9 p.m. (EST) – UTC-6

GoToMeeting #985551237


Join a Sub-Union Today!

Active Sub-Unions 

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Create a Sub-Union Today!

  1. Select a service or industry for which you want to create a union.
  2. Have a minimum of four Declared Residents or American Nationals to fill the positions of the office of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  3. Create a constitution and by-laws for your Union.
  4. All officers are to take an oath or affirmation for their respective offices administered by the ANU Liaison to have on file in the registry.  If a vacancy occurs between election cycles, an officer can take an oath to be interim until formally elected.
  5. Once the constitution and by-laws are ratified you can use the ANU Zoom Room 778-307-2021 to conduct your meetings. 

ANU Credentials – Serve as documentation that certify that your business is a member in good standing of the first Union.  Order the Identification Card and  Business Certificate Here – COMING SOON!

Visit our Automobile Association for The United States of America page to order any or all of the following documents: -COMING SOON!

  1. Form 101-ANU A form required to export your vehicle out of the United States and then import your vehicle into the original States of the Union.
  2. Import Declaration Form: A form required to export your private property out of the United States and then import your private property into the original States of the Union.
  3. Quitclaim Deed: A forty page public safety and travel agreement known as the Freedom of Movement Code.
  4. Surety Bond: For 50 vendor currency (USD) you can purchase a bond worth 750,000 Continental Dollars (UCD). This insulates against liability acquired against loss or damage during the course of conducting personal or business-related travel. 
  5. Drivers License: What makes this document different from that of drivers licenses issued by the corporate state is that it is Human Rights compliant. It is also not a requirement of ANUTA for travel.  The applicant receives valuable consideration in exchange for their intangible property conveyed by quitclaim deed to the use of the Public highways.  The obligations of that deed are fulfilled under the faithful performance of all of the provisions, terms, conditions, and safety regulations of the Freedom of Movement Code.

  • ANU Great Jury – Is a body that has the power to indict upon violations of the UDHR, the Law of Nations, and public and private international law. Contact the Great Jury by Email at
  • International Public Notary ServicesSuch services are described as serving as a third party neutral witness.

The ANU does not require a membership fee. 

Donations can be sent to via PayPal and are accepted to help fund monthly expenditures (i.e. Zoom Room costs, website costs, postage, printing supplies, project assistance, and T-ROH Alliance Emergency Number).


If you would like to alter the amount of your donation just log into your paypal account to do so.